Working for good can be a lot of work.

Being short on staff and limited on budget is all too familiar in the non-profit world. And too often, the burden of financial responsibility falls on the shoulders of someone who is inexperienced and overworked.

But when it comes to the tough job of raising funds, maintaining programs and serving your community, the pressure is on for non-profit CEOs, Board of Directors, and the entire staff.

Don’t let your mission fall off course and get in touch with YourCFO. We understand that your staff and volunteer resources are limited, so we act as an extension of your team to aid you in keeping the financial end of your organization in order so you can continue to pour your passion into fulfilling your mission.

Does this sound familiar?

  • We need customized, easy-to-read financials for our board of directors.

  • Our bookkeeper doesn’t have non-profit accounting experience.

  • We don’t know how to track expenses to funds and contracts.

  • We’re not clear on the best way to allocate overhead.

  • We don’t know our restricted funds balances.

  • We don’t know when our funding will be depleted.

  • Our executive director is fantastic, but he/she doesn’t have an accounting background.

  • We don’t know if our programs are profitable.

  • Our audit had deficiencies and material weaknesses, and we need to address them.

  • We need budgeting support to create cash reserves.

  • We’re not getting timely financial statements, and when we do, we don’t know if they’re accurate.

  • We don’t understand the reports we’re receiving.

  • We don’t feel we have enough financial controls in place.

A unique focus on non-profit organizations.

In order to meet audit, internal control, and reporting standards, non-profit financial management requires an expert command of accounting. YourCFO provides just that: comprehensive financial services backed by a working knowledge of the non-profit world. About 50% of our clients are non-profits, and we love working with these organizations to increase efficiency, cut costs, and maximize resources. By putting in place a strong financial management structure and system of support, we take the stress out of accounting and free you up to fulfill your mission.

  • Audit Preparation and Coordination

  • Customized Financial Dashboards and Reporting Packages

  • Grant, Contract, and Program Tracking

  • Reporting by Fund and Program

  • Budgeting by Fund and Program

  • Participation in Finance Committee Meetings

  • Presentation of Financials at Board Meetings

  • Development of Financial Policies and Procedures

  • Implementation of Internal Controls

  • Administration of Personnel and Benefits Allocations

  • Contract Invoicing (County/City)

  • Cash Management and Forecasting

  • Overhead Allocations

  • Revenue Recognition