More than your typical accountant.

YourCFO was founded by Joe Wright to address the unmet financial management needs of small businesses.

In his former work as a consultant with The Bottom Line, a small business consulting firm in Pittsburgh’s Southside, Joe saw a need: his clients often required accounting support beyond just tax work at year-end. There were books to be set up and maintained, reports to be run, accounts to be managed, and funds to be tracked. Many clients didn’t have the infrastructure in place to support these accounting functions. As a result, they were unable to generate financial information in a format that would help them effectively manage and grow their businesses.

In 1997, Joe left The Bottom Line and took a controller position with Kröme Communications, a small advertising agency in Pittsburgh. At Kröme he did controller-level work, and because that work was focused on one company, he gained greater insight into the accounting needs of the local small business. This insight fueled his desire to provide more comprehensive, customizable financial management solutions for other small businesses.

In 2001, Joe left Kröme and started YourCFO. Through referrals he grew the company one client at a time. When demand for his services became so high that he could no longer meet that demand on his own, Joe brought on additional help.

In 2008, Joe hired YourCFO’s first full-time team member, Michelle Fries, and in 2011 Michelle became Joe’s business partner.

Today, more than 15 years since our founding, we are now a team of full and part-time, expert accounting advisors and financial management professionals. We’ve served more than 200 small business and non-profit clients, and our client base continues to grow. We are committed to providing exceptional, customer-oriented service, and we are passionate about supporting small business and non-profit growth in our community. The same force of vision and fulfillment that drives local organizations is the force that drives us, as every day we watch our clients grow, succeed, and fulfill their missions. We take pride in knowing that we’re part of the process, and we strive to provide the very best, most accurate financial information to support strong, transparent business management.